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The Aquatronics EG3000 is an affordable cable fault location unit having 0-3000V DC @ up to 2A for quickly locating sheath faults as well as burning core faults. It comes with pinpoint ground probes and meter. Works with the MOM to detect the magnetic wave at the fault point. 

Brand: AquatronicsAquatronics



UNDERGROUND CABLE FAULT LOCATOR With Automatic Cable-Saving Voltage Control* 

      The EG-3000 is the culmination of 20 years of fault locator development based upon field experience. It is a complete system, employing the most effective fault location electronics, plus many features for safety and operational convenience. Most outstanding of these is the system's Automatic Cable-Saving Voltage Control.* 
      When pulsing a line to establish a fault, the EG-3000 applies only the breakdown voltage needed. Just as important, once the breakdown or flash to ground is achieved, the voltage is automatically reduced to the minimum amount needed to keep the fault alive and the fault current is increased. Up to 2.2 amps is available to locate through asphalt and concrete or dry sand and soil. Try that with an AC type fault locator.

  • Faults up to 20 Meg Ohm
  • Over 2 amps of current available
  • Automatic voltage control
  • Up to 3 kV output
  • Operates from 120V source, 12V external source, or 12V 7Ah rechargeable internal battery.
  • Prevents cable and insulation damage
  • Proof tests cables before returned to service.


  • Locating and pinpointing sheath faults in LV networks

Unit comes complete with EG3000 Thumper, Ground Fault Pinpointing Probes with Analog Meter, Leads and User manual in Hard Carry Case

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