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HT ITALIA VEGA 78 3 Phase Analyser


Versatile and value for money Power Recorder - Power Flow and Power Quality plus Harmonics Recorder with flexible Current probes measuring to 3000A AC. Topview Software and touch Colour LCD display all included with Carry Bag.

Brand: HT ItaliaHT Italia


  • AC voltage in single-phase/three-phase systems
  • AC/DC current in single-phase/three-phase systems
  • Cosphi, Power Factor
  • Voltage unbalance (NEG%, ZERO%)
  • Active, reactive, apparent power/energy and DC power
  • Voltage/current harmonics  49th with THD In real time up to 64th
  • Voltage anomalies (dips, peaks) with a resolution of 10ms (@ 50Hz)
  • Phase sequence/Neutral-Ground Voltage/Neutral current
  • Max number of simultaneously selectable parameters 251
  • Recording with selectable integration period 1s-60m
  • Indicative memory duration (in days @ PI=10min @ max number of parameters) 90 days
  • Indication of recording duration
  • Internal memory capacity 15MB/External compact flash card Optional
  • Default and custom recordings
  • Saving instant sampled values
  • Summary table of main electric parameters
  • Voltage/current waveforms
  • Tables or histograms of Harmonics and THD% In real time up to 64th
  • Voltage/current vector diagram
  • Measurement category CAT IV 600V
  • Measurement with use of external TA and TV (with optional accessory HT903)
  • Touchscreen colour display
  • Power supply and rechargeable battery recharging/Auto power off
  • USB port for data download onto Pen Drive
  • USB Interface with software for Windows USB
  • Context help active on each screen & Protection password on recording
  • Power auditing in single/3 phase systems
  • Load logging and energy monitoring
  • Detecting voltage sags, surges and interruptions
  • Measuring peak loads and inrush currents
  • Checking watt hour metering

- The VEGA 78 comes complete with 3 x Flexible Current probes

- complete color coded Voltage Lead Set with Clips

- Topview Software and USB cable

- Li-ION Batteries and Charger

- Calibration Certificate and User manual

- Carry Bag

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