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Grip & LPI Earth

- One of the best soil improvement products around having given great results right across the state in our difficult soil conditions. Two part powder is mixed with water to create a gelatinous mix that is highly conductive, does not harden or leach away and will will not shrink back from the rod as many products do. MSDS sheets available.


  • GRIP 2 Part Powder comes in 2 x 20kg packs
  • Rule of thumb is 1kg per metre 
  • Lowers soil resistance by creating conductive paths
  • Works in all soils even rock
  • Maintains integrity for many years
  • Will not harden, leach away nor shrink back from rod
  • Can be mixed with backfill 
  • Treating soil for new earth rod installation
  • Reworking existing earth rods to improve readings
  • Mix with backfill for copper tapes in trench
  • Mixing both parts together for drilling thru rock

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