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PEEL 4 01/OAVB Gas Detector

PEEL 01/OAVB-02 Gas detector for Telecom applications. Rechargeable batteries Hydrocarbons, Toxic, Alcohols & Ethers.

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  • Telstra approved compact gas detector
  • Tests for the presence of hydrocarbons and its derivatives such as methane, propane, benzine, acetylene, propylene, ¬†etc.
  • Tests for Halogenized Hydrocarbons such as Methyl Chloride, Ethyl Chloride, Methyl Bromide and Chloride.
  • Tests for Alcohols such as Methanol, Ethanol, Propanol and Butanol.
  • Tests for Ethers and Ketones, Esters and Nitrogen compounds as well as inorganic gases such as ammonia, carbon monoxide, hydrogen and hydrogen cyanide.
  • This gas detector complies with AS/NZ S.61779.1-2000 standards and is factory calibrated and does not require determination or re-calibration.
  • Detects in ranges 50 to 1000ppm and stabilizes in 45 seconds.
  • Made from high quality plastic/stainless steel and will give 20 years plus of reliable service.
  • Detecting the presence of gases in manholes and pipes
  • Giving audible alrms about unsafe working conditions

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