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Megger OTS 60-80-100KV Oil Test Sets

Compact Automatic Oil Test Sets rated 60/80/100KV with colour LCD display, Printer Options as well as Comms. Lockable Oil test Vessel and Test Electrode set.

Brand: Megger SebaMegger Seba


  • Lightest - miniumum weight 16 kg - portable instruments for measuring insulating oil breakdown voltage
  • Lock in precision - oil vessel with lockable adjustment
  • Bright 3.5 inch colour display visable out doors
  • Suitable for mineral, ester and silicon oils
  • Trip detection circuit with direct measure ment of voltage and current
  • Ultra fast (10 μs) HV witch off time

Monitoring and maintenance of oil quality is essential in ensuring the reliable operation of oil filled electrical equipment. Codes of practice have been established in many countries that include several different types of test on insulating oils.

One of the fundamental tests of oil quality is the breakdown voltage test, which is a measure of the oil’s ability to withstand electric stress. A low breakdown voltage can indicate the presence of contaminants such as water or conducting particles.

Care should be taken to ensure the process of sampling oil and subsequent testing does not in any way contaminate it with foreign objects. Cleaning vessels between oil tests should be a rinse with the next sample, never clean with fibrous materials. To ensure an accurate reading set gap carefully and lock adjusting wheels.

Vessel 400 ml assembly
12 V vehicle charger lead (supplied only on instruments
configured with a battery)
Magnetic bead stirrers (2 off)
Magnetic bead retriever
Electrode gauge set 1, 2, 2.5, 2.54 mm 1002-144
User manual
Configured accessories (to order additional or spares)
IEC60156 electrode Set - 12.7 mm spherical (2),
36 mm mushroom (2) 1001-477
ASTM D877/1816 electrode set - 25.4 mm cylindrical
(2 standard, and 2 none standard),
36 mm mushroom (2) 1001-478

Full electrode set ASTM and IEC electrodes 1001-479
Vessel lid mounted impeller (ASTM D1816) for use
with 400 ml vessel 1001-102
Carry bag (padded) OTS80PB 1001-476
Carry bag (padded) OTS60PB 1001-480

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