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DV POWER CTU80 Breaker Coil Tester


The Coil Trigger Unit CTU80 is a variable voltage DC power supply for testing circuit breakers. The CTU80 uses the substation’s DC power supply to generate a programmable output voltage from 5% to 95% of the source voltage with 2% regulation at maximum current (up to 80 A). It operates the circuit breaker coil and spring charging motor as a part of commissioning and maintenance testing.

Brand: DV PowerDV Power


  • Lightweight – only 7,5 kg
  • Input voltage 20 V to 300 V DC
  • Output voltage 5% to 95% of input voltage
  • Output protection
  • Programmable DC power supply
  • Minimum trip voltage test
  • The CTU80 generates true DC (ripple free) voltage and can also be used to test a minimum trip voltage of the circuit breaker coils. The CTU80’s input voltage range is from 20 to 300 Vdc.
    The set is equipped with thermal and overcurrent protection. The CTU80 is easy to use and has the accessory cable set with touch-proof contacts. Thanks to a proprietary hardware, it is capable of canceling electrostatic and electromagnetic interference in HV electric fields.

    The built-in, single-channel timer can be used to verify circuit breaker timing parameters or for any timing application. The timing range is from 0.000 to 999.000 seconds with an accuracy of 0.1 milliseconds. The timer can be started by circuit breaker coil initiation or can be triggered by the dry or wet contact input. The timer can be stopped by either

  • Testing a breaker coils to determine drop out level

- Unit comes complete with Mains & Ground Cable

- 2 x 2m 2,5sq mm Cables

- 2 x 2m 10 sq mm Cables

-User Manual and Calibration Certificate 

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