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ISA DRTS3 Plus Relay Test Set


This power system simulator is designed to give the highest accuracy when testing and calibrating protective relays, energy meters, transducers and power quality devices. This diagnostic and calibration equipment is the perfect solution to perform automatic testing on protection devices.



  • Multi-tasking relay test equipment designed for testing protection relays, energy meters, transducers
  • Output: 3x15 A (100 VA); 4x300 V (85 VA); 1x260 V DC
  • High accuracy: better than 0,05%
  • Analog measurement inputs
  • IEC 61850 communication Protocol interface
  • USB and RS232 port
  • Controlled by PC laptop or local control by PDA
  • Lightweight: 18 kg

Distance relay 21
Synchronizing device 25
Under/over-voltage relay 27/59
Directional Power relay 32
Field relay 40
Reverse phase current relay 46
Phase sequence voltage relay 47
Incomplete sequence relay 48
Instantaneous over-current relay 50
Inverse time over-current relay 51
Power factor relay 55
Voltage balance relay 60
Ground detector relay 64
Directional over-current relay 67
Phase angle out of step relay 78
Automatic reclosing relay 79
Frequency relay 81
Pilot wire receiver relay 85
Lockout relay 86
Differential protection relay 87
Voltage directional relay 91
Power directional relay 92
Tripping relay 94

Protective carrying bag.
Set of test leads.
Power supply cable.
Serial interface cable and USB cable.
Ground connection cable.
Instruction and maintenance manuals.
TDMS software.

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