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ISA KAM Primary Injection test Set


Primary Current Injection test set up to 7000A and 35kVA. Modular design for ease of transport.




This substation testing device is designed to grant high current output when needed in substation commissioning activities.  The test system KAM is a high current unit consisting of a control unit and one or two external power transformers, that can be easily taken in proximity of bus-bars, thus keeping to minimum the test cable length.

  • High current output up to 7000 A
  • Powerful output up to 35 kVA
  • Designed for primary injection testing of protection relays and circuit breakers, for commissioning and revamping of substations and electrical network
  • Modular design for easy transport
  • Heat runs.
  • KAM range comprises four models:
    . KAM 2/5;
    . KAM 5/12.5;
    . KAM 5/12.5G;
    . KAM 10/25.
    • Current range or voltage output selection: by means of a fiveposition
    I/V selector switch: 500A –1000A – 2000A – 6000A
    – V (750 – 1500 – 3000 - 6000 – V for the G model).
    • Current and power range selection.
    • Coarse and fine output adjustment.
    • Current metering: by 4 and half digit instrument, with hold
    • Adjustable voltage output characteristics:
    . Range: 0 to 270 V AC;
    . Current output: 0 to 15 A.
    Metering: from current injection to contact tripping
  • Primary current injection testing
  • Protection relay testing
  • Low voltage Breaker testing
  • Heat runs
  • CT testing

Each KAM unit is supplied complete with the following accessories:

. Interconnection cables between the control box and the transformers,
2 m long.
. Mains cable.
. Cable to the trip contact, 2 m long.
. Operating manual.
Cables for connection to the load are not provided as standard

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