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AEMC 400D & 4000D Flexible Current Probe Meter

Flexible current probe with a digital display attached on a flexible lead rated to 400A or 4000A TRMS with good resolutions and accuracy. Easier than traditional clamps to fit around conductors.



  • An ideal addition to the electrician’s tool kit, the Digital FlexProbe® series can be used for TRMS AC current measurements and are rated at 600V CAT IV. They provide a welcomed solution when accessing electrical conductors is difficult and in tight places.
  • The Model 400D-10, available with a 10" sensor, has a measurement range starting at 20mA, and is designed for work in residential, commercial and light industrial applications. It can be used to check electrical distribution systems up to 400 Amps.
  • Although they are high-performance instruments, the Digital FlexProbe® series remain very simple to use: two buttons are all it takes to start the instrument, deactivate the auto power-off, HOLD the value on the display or store the maximum value (MAX HOLD). The values are read directly on the built-in 4000-count display.
  • They are ergonomically designed for comfortable handheld use even when bulky gloves are required. The optional articulating, magnetic Multifix mounting system accessory makes it simple to hang on a wall, door, table edge or clip onto a belt.
  • 2 ft Lead Measurement from 20mA to 400A

  • Available with 10" sensor length
    Resolution down to 1mA
    Sensor diameter 2.75"
    Auto-ranging - HOLD feature- Direct reading
    Compact and simple to use
    Flexible current sensor - True RMS
    Safety rating of 600V CAT IV
  • Measuring branch current in breaker panels
  • Measurement of industrial loads
  • HVAC current measurements
  • Residential and commercial site current monitoring
  • General AC current measurements

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