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Hipotronics 5250 Cable Fault Set


Portable battery/mains powered cable fault set with up to 15 or 30KV output 2000 Joules. Built in TDR ranges to 60kms. Rugged on wheeled trolley and Windows based software. 

Brand: HipotronicsHipotronics


  • The 5250 primary cable fault locating system meets the demanding needs of electric utilities, electrical contractors, or any company testing medium to high voltage cables that require a highly portable, easy-to-use thumper system for quickly restoring electric service.
  • Complete, Cable Fault Locator System in a Single Package with Portability
  • Output Energy up to 2000 Joules @ Either Voltage Range.
  • User-Friendly Step by Step Operation
  • 100 MHz TDR Sampling Rate
  • Saves up to 16 Three Phase Cable Traces and 16 User Defined Test Profiles
  • Windows_ -based TDR with RS232 Port to Download Traces to Computer
  • Dual Mode Operation Automatic through the TDR and Manual from 5250
  • Powered from AC source or integral 12V Battery
  • Waterproof, Interlocked Cabinet
  • Simplifies Fault Locating – guided operations make locating faults less time consuming
  • Restore Service Faster – minimizes fault locating time with the high resolution TDR (2.5 feet)
  • Year-round Operation – wholly self-contained and waterproof design, minimizes setup hassles
  • Simple Fault Pinpointing – operators can simply pinpoint faults due to the high energy output of the power supply


- Location of cable faults on LV/MV/HV cables

- Measuring distance to faults using the TDR

- Theath fault location with the Ground Microphone option

CFFR-30 or CFFR-15 Hipot/Thumper
TDR1150 & Power Supply
50 ft High Voltage Cable, MC connector, vise-grip clamp & grounding clamp
25 ft Safety ground with grounding clamp
 2 Interconnect Cables, BNC to BNC, 3 ft (0.91 m)
 1 Wheeled hand cart
 1 Internal 12 V rechargeable battery, charger
 1 TDR Software
 1 Calibration Certificate, User’s Manual

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